Operating a Private Generation System After a Power Outage

Thank you for subscribing! Don’t Use Self-Help to Evict a Tenant A self-help eviction occurs when a landlord retakes possession of a property without using the eviction process. The use of self-help may amount to landlord harassment. Nearly every state prohibits a landlord from using self-help to evict a tenant. A state’s legal eviction procedures apply regardless of what a tenant has done or how a tenant behaves. Even if the tenant has not paid rent, has destroyed property, or has violated a term in the lease or rental agreement, a landlord may only legally remove the tenant by following state eviction procedures. A landlord should avoid the following self-help methods: Allowing utility companies to cut off service by failing to pay the bill Changing the locks Removing the tenant’s property from the rental unit Threatening the tenant Ordering the tenant to leave Liability for Evicting a Tenant Illegally Courts frown on self-help evictions, and may readily award a tenant damages for an illegal removal.

Stealing electricity

Well, actually, more like two. There is plenty of consumer oblivion about advanced meter infrastructure and a whole lot of confusion and anger from customers who have seen their bills spike after their smart meters have been installed. There is also another disgruntled group of people on the horizon. For the folks who have been defrauding their utility and stealing their electricity by hacking traditional electric meters, the new digital hardware will not be welcome.

It has been rumored that the reason that Italian utility Enel S.

Commonly, the 2 wires on the top are refered to as the ” Line ” side. This is the 2 wires that come from the transformer supplied from the power company. IMPORTANT!- These wires are always energized.

Where I live, my neighbor was told he could not stay in a camp trailer that was parked on one of my lots next to a small house he was repairing, which is also on my lot. The neighbor lady who owns a house across the street called code enforcement on him. She also told them I was letting him live rent free in the small house as he was fixing it up. A state inspector came to my door and started asking questions about what was going on in my rental house.

I asked him “who wanted to know”, he looked at me funny and gave me his business card. I pointed at the street and said “right now you are standing on private property”, “what goes on down at that house is none of your business”, He started talking and I interrupted him and told him I knew the laws and I wasn’t doing anything illegal, and that I wouldn’t discuss it with him.

He left, and I never heard any more from him.

Off Grid Living is Illegal! Sort of…

Yes, in My Backyard! Considering residential wind power for energy self-sufficiency? Find out whether a home wind turbine is right for you. Phelps If you live in a residential neighborhood, be certain code restrictions do not prohibit turbines.

Mary Cash lives at the home with the illegal connection. At first the year old told Action News she wasn’t aware of the illegal electrical hook-up, but later changed her story.

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In that case PECO even removed the extra wiring someone had rigged to the power line. PECO says this puts all neighboring homes at risk for fire and it needs people to watch for illegal hookups.

It’s a great way to add an additional phone jack to a spot in your house where you’ve always wanted one. Save yourself a bunch of money on labor and travel charges the phone company would tack onto your bill, and do it yourself. Step 1 Locate the outside phone line box on your house. It should be centrally located. You may have to follow the interior phone wiring to locate it, but it should be pretty obvious to find. Lift the panel of the phone line box upward. Step 2 Lift the clasp holding the black plug into the test jack.

Remove the plug from the test jack. Step 3 Slice through the end of your phone line with a razor about 2 inches down to expose the four color-coded wires inside–red, green, yellow and black. Step 5 Place the phone line with the stripped ends up through bottom of the phone line box and into the access portal.

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It took me a while — and at least 10 small kitchen floods — to figure out the best way to hook everything up, and my dog barked at the machine for three hours nonstop as it washed and dried its first load. But finally I could do laundry in my own apartment.

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Off grid living is illegal. Producing your own power is off grid living and perfectly legal. Growing your own food is living off the grid, and legal. Building your own home in the country while not being connected to the power grid is off grid. So is raising livestock, building a greenhouse, planting your garden, etc. The problem arrises when overly restrictive city and county ordinances and zoning restrictions put a crimp on the off grid lifestyle and make it illegal to do certain things on or with your property.

You read that right. In most places throughout the USA, it is illegal to camp on your own land for more than 2 weeks.

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Father blamed for electrocution of daughter in illegal power hook-up Sep. Peter Njoroge and his wife,Ruth Wanjiku,watch as their daughter is being exhumed for postmortem at Kasuku,Ol joro orok,on Thursday 3. Nyambura was electrocuted at Kicopy,Gilgil,on May 29,

Nov 13,  · If the power company has cut this guy’s power by simply pulling up one end of a fuse or flipping out an interrupter, he may just be reversing that process temporarily whenever he wants power.

Tweet Energy refers to the amount of work that a system can perform. According to this definition free energy is a logical impossibility. Your car, for example, cannot burn more gasoline than you put into it. Our recent reports on electromagnetic harvesters have led to the question: Apparently this is the case. A farmer in Idaho had a barn located near high power lines and noticed that baling wire he kept in his barn was conducting small amounts of electricity.

Power company equipment detected the drain of energy and went to investigate. The farmer was arrested for using electricity from the power company without a meter. In another case, an engineer living at a military base in England lived in a house near a radar installation. He installed induction coils in his attic that generated electricity from the radar beam. Controllers in the radar facility noticed a strange shadow on their screens and he was caught.

The theory is that electromagnetic fields around power lines create current that flows in the induction coil or a dipole.

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I did find plenty of posts on the web where others have the same problem of the monitor immediately going into power saver mode upon boot up. I couldn’t get to Control Panel or bios of course because nothing displays on the screen. Using the buttons on the front of the monitor I got text display which indicated ‘there is no signal coming from the computer’ with a message to wake up computer by using any key. Of course I’d tried that with no change in the monitor display. I finally got a menu via those buttons on monitor and chose to restore factory defaults and was able to get a view of webpages and email etc.

So my question is:

Aug 01,  · I have a friend who asked me a question about his illegal electricity. I don’t know anything about this. He is moving out and asked me if he should just Status: Resolved.

Solid-state Bi-Wire Ideas Most solid-state power amplifiers are far cheaper than most tube power amplifiers. There, however, exceptions, as massive solid-state class-A power amplifiers cost a bundle. One idea that has danced in my mind for a long time now is that I would like to force a chip amplifier, such as the LM , into class-A mode More amazingly, DACs are getting better, almost monthly; and high-res digital music files can be bought and downloaded online.

This is certainly great news, but for us tube-loving folk our goal is to get hold of the analog output from our DACs as soon as we can, prior to the delicate signal traveling through any solid-state OpAmps Balanced Outputs One advantage of a balanced output signal is that as long as the receiving balanced amplifier delivers a high CMRR at its input, much of the balanced power-supply noise will be ignored.

If you are new to balanced audio, check out my post and post and post , all of which give good overviews. Indeed, I have posted so many balanced tube circuits that Google should be giving me a kickback for all of schematics that show up in their image search results.

Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal

Can you believe this? Special Magistrate Harold S. Her alternative source of power must be approved by the city, Eskin said. As previously reported in Off The Grid News, Speronis has been fighting the city of Cape Coral since November when a code enforcement officer tried to evict her from her home for living without utilities. The city contends that Speronis violated the International Property Maintenance Code by relying on rain water instead of the city water system and solar panels instead of the electric grid.

Mar 29,  · Illegal Gas Hook-ups are widespread and extremely dangerous.

Can you use an electric dryer with a gas dryer outlet? A gas dryer burns gas to provide the heat needed to dry clothes. As it only needs a relatively small amount of electrical power to drive its motor, and maybe also a timer, the electrical socket outlet which a gas dryer plugs into need not be much different to a normal wall socket outlet.. Any elect…ric dryer uses a high-power electric heater, which takes a lot more current than is available from a normal socket outlet, so a special dryer socket outlet is needed to power an electric dryer safely.

As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. Before you do any work yourself, on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances, always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized. MORE Electric motors used in gas cars?

Legalizing the Tiny House

I only use this one for charging D cell batteries, and it can take a good 8 hours, more or less depending on the state of charge of the battery, to charge up D Cell NiMH batteries. Again, if you are just starting out, get the Powerex above and the Sanyo Eneloop batteries, if you really must have D cell batteries than get the batteries above and this charger. It’ll make a good backup AA charger for you as well in case you break, bash, smash, flood your other one.

There are some mAh 9 volts on Amazon, but I don’t want you to buy them. They will hold the charge the longest so you might be able to use them in an emergency without having to charge them up first. It comes with 4 batteries, probably more than you’ll need and it will do a good job for you.

March 6, 8: In a mother and her four children die in West Philadelphia house fire. The cause, electrical wiring connected to an illegal hookup. Photos of an illegal electrical hookup Then Thursday morning, another mother and her child are killed in a South Philadelphia house with another illegal electrical hook-up.

PECO says stealing electricity has been a problem even before this failing economy. And more often than not, many of the offenders commit this crime over and over. The video appears to show Callo on top of a portion of his roof rigging up a homemade connection to the electrical line. Still photos show clamps attached to the main power line and the wiring exposed from the insulation. When Action News showed the photos to the fire commissioner he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

PECO won’t say exactly how many cases of illegal theft it deals with in a given year but it’s big enough that it has a special team to search for illegal hookups and shut them down. The meter was missing from the vacant home which they say is a sign theft may have taken place. But it also leaves behind a potentially deadly situation if anyone were to touch it. It was a similar situation around the corner in the block of Poplar Street.

Illegal power connections on the rise because of high electricity costs