Teacher warns Nicola Sturgeon: Curriculum for Excellence is utterly failing children in school

May 10, Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, our most dangerous enemy will become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of 10, years of peace and plenty, Pax Judaica, and our Race will Rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain Mastery over a world of Dark peoples. So it makes perfect sense to me for Al Capp to portray rural white people especially the ones that live in the Ozarks or Appalachians as dumb, backwards, ugly, can barely speak English etc. He too, is concerned with the evils of society. Like Dickens or Mark Twain, he too seeks to improve our manners and morals. Kalif Kathy Well said:

Paisley, Renfrewshire

Johan was the second son of Hermanus Cornelis Cruijff and Petronella Bernarda Draaijer, from a humble, working-class background in east Amsterdam. Cruyff, encouraged by his influential football-loving father and his close proximity in Akkerstraat to the De Meer Stadium, played football with his schoolmates and older brother, Henny, whenever he could, and idolised the prolific Dutch dribbler, Faas Wilkes.

In , Cruyff’s father died from a heart attack.

 · So the blog that’s linked in the begining is using these examples as to why women shouldn’t be belittled and disrespected in the healthcare setting; they choose more dangerous births settings that have worse birth

The greatest change can be seen in politics where the consequences of the referendum and the General Election are there for all to see. The top of the list is now dominated by the leading figures of the SNP with Labour politicians sliding down the list or disappearing altogether. Loading article content Here is our top 25 – follow the links to find the rest.

Indeed, at times, the SNP has looked all but invincible. It also silenced the voices that claimed her predecessor Alex Salmond would still be pulling the strings. There have been problems for Ms Sturgeon to handle: The flow of new powers to Holyrood will be a challenge for her though. To some extent, the SNP has defied the usual pattern of incumbent governments by becoming more popular the longer they are in power partly due to the current devolution set-up where the Scottish Parliament has very limited control over how much it can spend; it can also blame funding constraints on Westminster.

However, if Holyrood has greatly enhanced powers to raise the cash it spends, the Scottish Government will have responsibility for difficult financial decisions which may not always be popular. For the moment, the polls are showing extraordinary levels of support for the SNP, and the party is likely to repeat its success in the election next year. Another storming performance from the SNP at the Holyrood elections.

Since the financial crisis, RBS has shed tens of thousands of jobs and Mr McEwan warned recently that there are still significant costs to be removed.

The top 25: Nicola Sturgeon tops Scotland’s Power 100 list for 2015

Email Load more share options Last week I asked for non-Rangers and Celtic fans in Scotland to give me their observations on the current Ibrox detox. Several hundred emails later, I surface to bring you the first of a series of blogs. First of all, a big thank you for the hundreds of emails and tweets. But when it does come to proper and fitting punishment, a strong consensus exists, of which more later.

What comes through strongly is the belief that the Rangers debacle is a genuine opportunity to rebuild Scottish football on a more interesting and fairer model. Ramsey spoke for almost everyone when he wrote:

The key argument Ryan makes, in his seminal work dating from the turn of the nineteenth/twentieth century, is that the claim to a Living Wage is of the nature of a right, to which all labourers are entitled (Ryan , pp. 43 and 46). According to him it is a natural right,

Until it was the county town of the former county of Cromartyshire. Its name in was Crumbathyn. The port was home to Britain ‘s smallest vehicle ferry , the Cromarty Rose , running across the Firth to Nigg. The Cromarty Rose was sold in and replaced for the season by a new four-car ferry called the Cromarty Queen which continued the service from After a year with no ferry in , new operators Highland Ferries were awarded the ferry contract and re-commenced the regular service between Cromarty and Nigg with the Renfrew Rose running from June to September, from 8: Cromarty is architecturally important for its Georgian merchant houses that stand within a townscape of Georgian and Victorian fisherman’s cottages in the local vernacular style.

To the east of the burgh is Cromarty House , occupying the site of the old castle of the earls of Ross. It was the birthplace of Sir Thomas Urquhart , the translator of Rabelais. The burgh is also noted as a base for viewing the local offshore sea life. These include one of the most northerly groups of bottlenose dolphins.

Cromarty along with Chanonry Point just round the coast is one of the best places in Europe to see these animals close to the shore. Famous former residents include standing high jumper Hannah Meikle. Scottish writer Ian Rankin uses a “bolt-hole” in Cromarty when writing novels. Cromarty gives its name to one of the sea areas of the British Shipping Forecast.

The top 25: Nicola Sturgeon tops Scotland’s Power 100 list for 2015

That’s why they picked people who could conceivably sell the younger age, but also age authentically. I met DG and she said that Black Jack is simply a sadist. The books aren’t Shakespeare, but they are entertaining and cover some interesting historical events.

American philosophy is the activity, corpus, and tradition of philosophers affiliated with the United Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy notes that while it lacks a “core of defining features, American Philosophy can nevertheless be seen as both reflecting and shaping collective American identity over the history of the nation.”. The political thinker and historian Alexis de.

Download powerpoint Figure 1. Fire can, however, be used as an ecological tool for much more than just grouse and sheep production. Even grouse moor burning practice varies widely across the UK as can be seen here. Prescribed burning drives a variety of changes in peatland ecosystems including a range of ecosystem benefits and impacts according to the temporal and spatial scale one considers.

Depending on how fires are managed, the ecological, visual and aesthetic impacts can be greater or lesser. All images were from geography. Online version in colour. Despite the complex, long-term role of fire in peatland management, there is a growing trend of simplifying the narrative around burning in the uplands of the UK. This can present managed burning as an ecological practice that is only ever damaging and responsible for the poor ecological condition of many heathland and peatland ecosystems.

Some media reports e. Recent studies have also identified the presence of burning on upland landscapes as being detrimental to these environments [ 17 ], or emphasize potentially negative consequences of burning particularly with regard to carbon C storage [ 18 ]. There are, however, also strong potential benefits from using fire as an ecological tool in oceanic heathlands and peatlands of Britain e. The emphasis in both of the preceding sentences should be on potential because, overall, there is a paucity of evidence upon which to make informed decisions.

Further, we find the way the debate is being framed is concerning; notably the lack of engagement with key concepts from fire ecology, and the sometimes provocative manner in which results are publicized.

The top 25: Nicola Sturgeon tops Scotland’s Power 100 list for 2015

Please, make the list! Log in to Reply dannyboy March 30, at We spent most of the 20th century building all that shit, and squandered most our wealth on it.

 · 21st century Britain: Acid Attacks. Discussion in ‘Personal’ started by lanokia, Apr 9, this piece asserting the source of the problem is Islam with the perpetrator of the nightclub attack being a white male dating a TOWIE “star”? Members Online Now. suem75, gruoch, Apple76, skellig, /21st-century-britain-acid-attacks

Allie P These posts break my heart, but they need to be out there. Something needs to be done to stem the tide of misinformation, because ignorance of real risk is deadly to people who buy into this crap. I have a five month old, and I would literally walk through fire for her, so the idea of enduring small discomforts like fetal monitoring or IVs is a total non issue.

Both of my children were born in hospital, the first via cervical ripening induction, the second we planned an induction and then my water broke before we got started. I had fetal monitoring, oxygen in both cases due to random decels, and epidurals. I would classify them as remarkably easy and quick births. But they were also the least important facets.

One day — and then i had the babies. The babies were what mattered. I had a latent dislike of hospitals, so the business of being born was an easy sell. Sign me up yesterday! This site not only gave me real information, but it allowed me to admit to myself that the freestanding birth center birth was awful, painful, terrifying, and, oh, entirely unsafe — and, that the aftercare was awful, too.

When I think about my son his birth is not what comes to mind first.

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Using antitarnish tissue is one method of conservation anyone can employ. Both entries are given this week. Since chemicals are used for restoration, this is a field for experts.

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These definitions and explanations of what constitutes corroboration appear straightforward to apply. However in Scots Law this means every essential element of the key charges must be corroborated i. So in a rape case you need 2 forms of evidence that penetration took place, 2 forms of evidence that there was no consent, 2 forms of evidence of mens rea 1.

Corroboration as a legal principle in Scots law is different from the application of evidence which supports the credibility of the allegation. Support can be found in evidence that does not at present amount to the legal definition of corroboration, but is none the less highly persuasive. Currently this narrow technical meaning can be difficult to interpret and is not found in any other legal system anywhere in the world, including the international criminal courts.

This means there are often cases where there is a significant amount of quality supporting evidence, but yet not enough to corroborate every element and thus the case cannot proceed. This is particularly the case for crimes of domestic abuse and sexual violence which in the main happen in private, without witnesses. Why should it go?